• The low down on pillows

    By Helen Sleigh on 9th June 2016


    Do you know you use your pillow for over 2500 hours each year? That’s over 100 days non stop! Your pillow is so much more than something to just put your head on at night, it is vital for getting a good night’s sleep, waking pain free and refreshed after good quality sleep.

    Your goal when buying a new pillow is to fill the gap between your neck and the mattress:

    Too high when sleeping on your side or on your back, the neck is bent abnormally forward or to the side causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders. This position could cause narrowing of the air ways resulting in obstructed breathing, sometimes snoring which can hinder sleep.

    Too low, this will also cause muscle strain by your neck being bent in an uncomfortable way, stretching one set of muscles with the opposing being contracted.

    Either way, too high or low will mean you don’t sleep as soundly as you should, waking from deep sleep to try and get more comfortable. Sound familiar? Sleeping in the wrong position will also result in injuries and other conditions becoming aggravated causing headaches and pain.

    So, your pillow should fill the large area between your neck and the mattress, creating an equal surface to position your head and neck so they are aligned with your spine. Your pillow should maintain a height of approx. 10-15 cm to properly support the head and neck.

    A MisSpelt husk pillow will mould to the contours of your head and shoulders keeping you in the optimal position for a restful, comfortable night’s sleep. MisSpelt pillows are very conforming, you nest the pillow to the ideal position for you, after all, we’re all different!

    In addition to the comfort, you’ll find when in the correct position the pillow is neither firm nor soft, it’s just there giving support, MisSpelt husk pillows are organic and vegan, we use standard or organic cotton for our covers.

    The husks have been heat treated, there are no chemicals involved in the process making them hypoallergenic, air flows freely around the husk alleviating a hot head which can cause psoriasis and eczema to flare up. The treatment also means that nothing will live in or on your pillow.

    In addition, we take care of our footprint sourcing and making in West Yorkshire.



  • Spelt Husk Pillows for National Vegetarian Week 2016

    By Helen Sleigh on 17th May 2016


    Did you know it’s possible to have a vegetarian and organic pillow? And what’s more, it’s orthopaedic and hypoallergenic  too!

    I use organic spelt husks inside an organic cotton cover to make a pillow that will rejuvenate your soul! You can rest assured the husks are organically grown and heat treated to ensure NOTHING will live on or in them, no dust mites, no nasties that are common in other pillows.

    They naturally regulate your temperature so no waking up with a hot head and an itchy scalp.

    The trick is to nest the pillow to suit your shape and size, once you have the hang of nesting, say hello to a comfortable night’s sleep, the pillow will cradle your head, feeling neither soft or firm, it’s just there doing it’s job with no fuss at all.

    MisSpelt  pillows are a 100% organic plant based product , made with love in West Yorkshire.

    Don’t take my word for it, see what others think by clicking this link….

  • Alyona-5

    National Baby Day, May 2nd 2016

    By Helen Sleigh on 2nd May 2016

    National Baby Day is on May 2nd 2016. It’s a day to spend rejoicing all the babies that are in your life, perhaps your own, your grandchildren, nephews & nieces, friends baby’s  &  those in your neighbourhood.

    Did you know that here at MisSpelt, we’ve designed and created our Baby Bobo. “What’s a Baby Bobo?” you might ask. Well, it’s our lovely baby nest which is designed to add to a baby’s well being by offering a safe and secure place to sleep, rest, enjoy play and tummy time.

    The MisSpelt Baby Bobo is filled with organic spelt husks making the Bobo  the most eco friendly baby nest available and we also try to do our bit to help look after Mother Earth.

    Enjoy National Baby Day & cherish every moment you have with a baby.