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    Thoughts please….Is a vegan pillow desirable?

    By Helen Sleigh on 5th September 2016


    The Vegan Society defines veganism as “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

    I have applied to the Vegan Society for one of their trademarks to be applied to the pillows I make. However, I have been told they don’t offer the trademark to clothes so I am waiting to see if I will get one.

     With such a wide range of approaches to veganism, I’ve been wondering

     How many vegans consider a vegan pillow a necessity?

    Here at MisSpelt, I use organic spelt husks as a filling for a variety of things including pillows. Yes the ones you use at night to sleep on!

    My spelt husks are organically grown and then heat treated to make them suitable for use, no animals involved in growing or treatment and the treatment does no damage to the environment by way of run off or emissions.

    It’s the same with the organic cotton pillow cases.

    With my other products, the spelt filling is the same but it isn’t practicable to use natural fabrics all the time, some are man- made and this will have an impact.

    But the choice is there.

    Please comment, share far and wide, let me know how you feel and if there is anything else small independent businesses can do to help you live the life you want to.

    And if you’re interested in the pillows please have a look at, there’s lots of information on the pillows in the blogs & testimonials  🙂

  • Aliona on her Bobo

    Happy Baby 🙂

    By Helen Sleigh on 26th August 2016

    Here is a review from one of our very first “testers”. I am delighted that the Bobo is enduring and being used by Baby no 2. Check out the pictures to see the girls!

    Working in the birth and baby industry, I’m not one for gimmicky products. I don’t like unnecessary clutter and things that get used once and never again. Recently at a county show we were perusing the stalls when we came across MisSpelt and her Baby Bobo. Such a simple idea, cleverly executed and well designed –  I’d seen many baby “bean bags” on the market, but never had I wanted one until now!

    The spelt filled base cleverly moulds to baby but also allows air to circulate freely meaning that the baby doesnt overheat quickly – an issue I’d seen with other products on the market.  The fabric spill-proof covers are easily removable and washable – another big tick!


    I like that it’s a slim line design, and when our daughter was younger (and non-mobile!) we could put the Bobo on the table or on the kitchen island and she could lie there and watch what we were doing, she was perfectly safe held in the cosy Bobo by the padded spelt filled sides which form a cosy nest for baby to snuggle in.

    It  is suitable from birth until, well any age really! We used it as a resting place, sleeping spot, changing mat(!), as our daughter grew we used it for tummy time allowing her to lean over the “puffy end” and letting her reach for toys , she’s used it as a cuddle cushion, a boat and hiding place! Our daughter is now 14 months old and still enjoys sitting in her Bobo to look through her picture books. It is still in incredible condition and it’s going to be passed on to our next baby due in June.

    Great design, great product! Thank you!

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    With Sam Bobyn

    By Helen Sleigh on 25th August 2016

    A few weeks ago MisSpelt got together with Samantha Bobyn, a veterinary physiotherapist, specialising in treating performance horses and dogs.

    Sam has been using our beds in her treatments, every day since and here’s what she has to say about MisSpelt beds:


    Hi Helen. Apologies for the delay. They are holding up really well. Still look good as new and used on a daily basis. In between treatments mine make the most of them and actively seek them out rather than previous beds/carpets they chose to lie on. I speak as though I still have two however unfortunately we lost our beautiful husky last week 😓. She loved your beds and she was the one with certain allergies and the couple of weeks previous to losing her, her coughing and sneezing drastically improved and it’s possible to make a link between increased time on your beds and a reduced frequency of clinical symptoms of allergy. We have also tested the incontinance problem.

    So this was not deliberate but as you said it beaded off and didn’t soak through in the time I got kitchen roll on it to soak up the urine. All in all they are very good quality beds that dogs like too.

    We’re very happy with that critique, organic, hypoallergenic, orthopaedic pet beds……..the toddler is enjoying it too, check out our Baby Bobo’s