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    MisSpelt Orthopaedic Pillows – A peaceful night’s sleep

    By Helen Sleigh on 20th May 2015

    There are many Orthopaedic pillows on the market offering support for your head and neck but being able to choose the right pillow for you can be a real challenge.

    MisSpelt has taken a leading role in developing an orthopedic pillow using natural products to provide the sleeper with improved passive support offering you a more comfortable and a natural sleeping surface to snuggle in to. The comfort is attributed to the natural spelt husk filling which when nested moves to your shape to maintain support in the night.

    The unique passive support of the organic spelt husk filling in a MisSpelt pillow allows the sleeper to enjoy a less disturbed night. Within a few days of using our pillow the majority of our customers tell us they either enjoy a better night’s sleep or achieve something they have missed for years, a full night’s sleep after years of disturbed nights and pain with the existing pillows.

    With our customers praising our pillow on social media, we can tell you our customers see fast results in reducing pain, achieving more sleep and as a result wake refreshed.

    But wait, there’s more to our Orthopaedic Pillow…

    Not only does the MisSpelt Orthopaedic pillow support you in the night, it naturally regulates temperature to just move excessive heat away from your head and neck to reduce or eliminate perspiration. Unlike standard fiberfill, foam / memory foam, or feather fillings, heat is able to dissipate in and around the spelt husk pillow inner freely, and release it back to the atmosphere ensuring you wake dry and feeling fresh.

    Did we mention our pillow is Hypoallergenic? Our filling is 100% organic and chemical free meaning no chemical smell or allergic reaction to chemicals. Better still, the organic spelt inner is naturally resistant to pests, disease and fungus meaning you will not have any irritation from our pillow.

    It’s simple, our 100% natural soft spelt husk pillow will help you achieve:

    1. Improved night sleep with many customers reporting achieving a full night of sleep.
    2. No more fighting with your pillows to get comfortable and relieve pain in the night.
    3. Comfort on our 100% organic filling that is chemical free and moulds instantly to your movements.
    4. A ‘feeling fresh’ morning wakeup as the pillow naturally removes excessive heat to reduce or eliminate perspiration.

    If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, excessive perspiration, have allergies or


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    Fire Safety testing for the MisSpelt Product Range

    By Helen Sleigh on 12th May 2014

    We’re proud to announce a milestone in the development of the MisSpelt product Range. The hard work that has gone in to the development of our pillows and other products has now paid off.

    Submitting our products for testing to achieve the British Standard in Fire Safety was nerve racking. Would our product stand up to the standard and had we done enough to ensure our products would pass?

    Throughout the process we were quietly confident in our natural products and especially the core to our product range, the organic spelt husk.

    Today we are proud to announce that the MisSpelt product range has passed the BS5852: Part 2: 1982 standard in fire safety.

    This is a major milestone for MisSpelt and gives us even more confidence in our products.