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  • Lydia resting comfortably on her MisSpelt Baby Bobo

    Sweet dreams…

    Lovely Lydia comfy on her Bobo

    lovely Lydia…

    Newborn on MisSpelt Baby Bobo

    fast asleep on your MisSpelt Baby Bobo

    The MisSpelt Baby Bobo is great! My baby is super comfy when she uses it and I know she’s safe when I put her in it to nap/relax during the day. It’s really useful because it means I can leave the Moses basket upstairs and have this downstairs – and easily move it from room to room when needed 👶🏼

    Esther Orridge

  • Lottie is loving her new bed

    Oh yes, I’m liking this…

    Lottie getting comfy

    Mmmm just getting comfy…

    Lottie fast asleep on her MisSpelt luxury bed

    Zzzzz… Lottie chilling on her MisSpelt luxury bed

    Lottie loves her new cover . Thank you..  it looks fab


    Laura, Kevin and Lottie

  • It arrived a couple of days after ordering.  Can I just say it is absolutely brilliant and Milo loves it!  I saw you at the Cotswold show in Cirencester.

  • 26/5/2016

    Your product is fantastic. A very sceptical husband was convinced he would not be able to get a decent nights sleep on the pillow. However, he had to concede defeat this morning by telling me it’s the first time for months he hasn’t woken up with a very stiff shoulder.
    Great product. First class quick delivery. Thank you.
    On Friday (27/5/16) he informed me that it was the second night running where he had not woken up and had a restful sleep right through the night. In his words “I’d quiet forgotten what a proper nights sleep felt like” This from a sceptical man. It really can only be down to the spelt pillow. I haven’t changed anything else. We follow the same routine as usual. Only difference is the pillows.
    Once again thank you. Great product. Getting great results.
    Rosemary Jasper
  • Catrina Rusher

    I recently purchased an orthopaedic pillow from you and I’d like to thank you for a product that has hugely improved my sleep quality and reduced my pain levels. I have multiple chronic illnesses causing severe pain including Lupus and Degenerative Spinal Disease. For at least 18 months before using the pillow I would wake in the early hours with neck and shoulder pain along with debilitating headaches and I was completely exhausted, which is why I decided to try your product. It took me a few nights to get used to the pillow, but I can honestly say that now I am used to it I won’t return to a “normal” pillow. I now have very little neck pain at night, and my shoulder pain is much less severe. I would also estimate that the number of waking headaches I suffer has currently halved. Whilst it won’t cure my conditions, my MisSpelt pillow has certainly contributed to a reduction in pain and a big improvement in sleep quality. I can adapt the shape of the pillow to suit the position I need to sleep in, and it is so comfortable. My dog Stanley is also very keen on it and I often find he has sneaked upstairs for a crafty snooze on it! Thanks for a great product, it has been a great relief to find something that helps me so much. Catrina x

  • Esther Orridge

    I LOVE my hypoallergenic, spelt-filled, organic cotton covered pillow! It’s fab! I now fall asleep within minutes not hours and feel much more supported than when I used my old “normal” pillow. I love how I can mould it to support my head like a big bean-bag and its super comfy! I thought the sound of the husks rustling may wake me but I’ve not had any problems at all – been using it for over a week or two now. Highly recommended especially if you wake up feeling like you have a strained neck. Fits perfectly into generic pillow cases too. I’ll never use a “normal” pillow again!

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