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Here at MisSpelt, we believe that producing all our great high quality products with love at every step, is the way forward. All our spelt pillows and pet beds are produced in the Colne Valley, helping to provide jobs and stimulate the local economy.

We’re an Eco-Friendly Company

Reducing our environmental impact on the world we inhabit is very important and Misspelt strives to do this through sourcing materials locally wherever possible and manufacturing in West Yorkshire.

MisSpelt Bespoke Spelt Solutions

Do you have a project we can help you with and introduce you to our hypoallergenic and orthopaedic spelt filling? We’re here to help so please do make contact.

The story of MisSpelt – so far…

The MisSpelt story is built on a foundation of love and passion for creating quality products but would you believe it all started as a result of a marriage proposal, relocation and meeting my husbands cousins from France 12 months later?

My name is Helen, I’m originally from Hertfordshire, England and I have a real passion for supporting the local economy and people. My MisSpelt journey started in May of 2012 when my partner said “Come North and be my wife”. How could I refuse and within 6 months I found myself settled into the Yorkshire life.

MisSpelt was born from a visit from our French cousins, Anne, Vincent and their four children. Anne and Vincent do everything Organic and I mean everything! After a few days I noticed “things” on the floor and asked Anne what they were. It turns out they were organic spelt husks which had leaked from their 11 year old pillows.

I didn’t know what to think about husks in pillows but Anne said her whole family love and use them. Their pillows were so comfortable they even took them wherever they travelled. The pillowcases had worn through although the spelt husks were intact. I had a look and was intrigued. How could they be so comfortable?

I suffered from neck and shoulder pain and I had got used to sleeping on 3 feather pillows to try to help my condition. My lovely Yorkshire husband Bob used a microfibre pillow because of allergy issues.

My experience with feather pillows was a poor one. Always fabulous to when I first got in bed but I would wake with an aching neck and/or shoulders. This would progress to waking in the early hours and fighting my pillows to get comfortable, often unsuccessfully.

With Anne’s recommendation and the fact that spelt offered extra support (apparently, but they looked so flat!!!), I took a chance on the unknown and decided to buy two organic spelt pillows. After all Bob and I could both use them. As well as being organic, the spelt husks are hypoallergenic having been stream cleaned 3 times. No dust, no mites, no nasties and perfect for Bob.

I wanted to source the pillows locally but searching on the Internet revealed this wasn’t possible. I had to settle for buying the pillows from continental Europe as I just couldn’t find them in the UK.

When the organic spelt pillows arrived I honestly thought I had made a big mistake. They looked so flat, just like Anne’s, and they were so tiny. Well, we had them now so we may as well try them!

The first night was okay, not great but okay. I was a bit shy of really nesting the pillow and getting it to where I needed it. I slept OK, but not significantly better than before. Bob took to his new pillow straight away.

Night two was better, I was learning how to use the pillow but it wasn’t until the third night I found that I was hooked. I nested it into the right place, supporting my neck and upper spine – no aches, no pains, no waking during the night to re-arrange pillows. For Bob, his allergies hadn’t flared up.

The only thing left to sort was the size of the pillows. They must have been a European size. I had already cut down my organic cotton pillow cases and sewn them to fit the smaller pillows.

Taking a step back I had a good look at the pillows and thought… “I could make these”. Why cut up good pillow cases to fit when I can make my own pillows to fit in UK standard pillow cases. Not knowing quite where this would lead, I started MisSpelt Sleep and that initial idea has flourished.

The MisSpelt ethos is one of family. It is important to me that the people who work with me are nurtured as we work to reach new heights together , supporting the local community with jobs.

My MisSpelt journey has been one of learning and I’ve discovered how important being local is to me. I source everything as close to home as I can, from the cardboard boxes I use for packaging, the friends who help me manufacture, produce promotional material and even build the MisSpelt website!

When sales grew I could no longer make the products in my workroom at home, so I expanded into a local unit where friends now help me create high quality MisSpelt products, with the same passion, love and attention to detail.

Sourcing things like pillow ticks could have been far cheaper if I imported them from China rather than making them myself but my desire to support my local community and minimise the carbon footprint of my business was stronger. I like to think that in my own small way I am helping the regeneration of an area once world famous for its textile industries.

Innovation, design and looking forward

Pillows were the founding product of MisSpelt and whist making them I left a sample on the floor and my miniature schnauzer, Jolly, took up residence even though it was a little small for him!

When I had time I made him a proper bed, with thicker cotton case and a stronger, washable removable outer. He loves it and at 10 he’s getting on a bit and needs the support on his hips (a bit like me!)

One friend asked “Can my dog have one?” then another, then another……so “MisSpelt Pet” was born.

I continue to create and trial prototype products and enjoy the whole innovation process but if it is one thing that drives me, it’s making a difference in people’s lives. Look out for MisSpelt Baby, Senior and Medical!

My passion for showing people a natural, sustainable alternative to the modern way of life is enduring.

Thank you for taking the time to explore MisSpelt.

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