Orthopaedic Hypoallergenic Spelt Pillow

Orthopaedic Hypoallergenic Spelt Pillow


MisSpelt orthopedic spelt pillows will give you a comfortable nights sleep allowing you to wake up refreshed and energized, ready to face the day ahead.

100% cotton and 100% organic cotton covers are available.


MisSpelt pillow sleepers report neck and back pain, headaches, migraine, stress and sleep disturbance become a thing of the past.

A MisSpelt orthopaedic spelt pillow supports you naturally, by moulding to the contours of your head and shoulders. Comfort is maintained by the gentle flow of the spelt as you move in your sleep.

Working with your MisSpelt pillow, you move it into a comfortable position filling the space between your neck and mattress. When in place your MisSpelt Pillow is neither firm nor soft – It’s just there supporting you. You don’t wake in the early hours to rearrange your pillow, you just wake refreshed in the morning.

You only need one MisSpelt pillow to benefit from the additional support
Sleeping on one MisSpelt pillow will give you all the support you need to wake without the aches and pains you currently experience. Your neck being correctly aligned will prevent muscle strain and any constriction of your airways. We have sleep apnoea sufferers who have benefited from the support of a MisSpelt pillow.

The seams are triple stitched for longevity and we recommend the use of our pillow protectors. The organic spelt husks are heated treated in order to provide a hypoallergenic, mite free filling.

All this from an organic and natural source that supports the environment as much as it supports you. What’s not to love?

Width: 50 cm
Length: 75 cm


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