Lottie the Lagotto Romagnolo in the lap of luxury

Lottie on her old bed with foraging trophy


We met Lottie the Lagotto Romagnolo’s owners at Discover Dogs 2015. They treated Lottie to a MisSpelt bespoke luxury woollen pet bed, which she has enjoyed ever since.

Given that the cover is a medium weave wool and it’s lasted 5 years, we’re sure it’s due to Lottie’s gentle cuteness. Lottie’s owners would now like a replacement, which of course we are delighted to make for them.

Here’s Lottie, 100% gorgeous Lagotto Romagnolo on her old bed with trophy foraging. More photos of her on her new cover soon, the inner bed is still going strong.

Living her best life with luxury and comfort at 11 years old! 💕


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