With Sam Bobyn

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A few weeks ago MisSpelt got together with Samantha Bobyn, a veterinary physiotherapist, specialising in treating performance horses and dogs.

Sam has been using our beds in her treatments, every day since and here’s what she has to say about MisSpelt beds:


Hi Helen. Apologies for the delay. They are holding up really well. Still look good as new and used on a daily basis. In between treatments mine make the most of them and actively seek them out rather than previous beds/carpets they chose to lie on. I speak as though I still have two however unfortunately we lost our beautiful husky last week 😓. She loved your beds and she was the one with certain allergies and the couple of weeks previous to losing her, her coughing and sneezing drastically improved and it’s possible to make a link between increased time on your beds and a reduced frequency of clinical symptoms of allergy. We have also tested the incontinance problem.

So this was not deliberate but as you said it beaded off and didn’t soak through in the time I got kitchen roll on it to soak up the urine. All in all they are very good quality beds that dogs like too.

We’re very happy with that critique, organic, hypoallergenic, orthopaedic pet beds……..the toddler is enjoying it too, check out our Baby Bobo’s


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