National Baby Day, May 2nd 2016


National Baby Day is on May 2nd 2016. It’s a day to spend rejoicing all the babies that are in your life, perhaps your own, your grandchildren, nephews & nieces, friends baby’s  &  those in your neighbourhood.

Did you know that here at MisSpelt, we’ve designed and created our Baby Bobo. “What’s a Baby Bobo?” you might ask. Well, it’s our lovely baby nest which is designed to add to a baby’s well being by offering a safe and secure place to sleep, rest, enjoy play and tummy time.

The MisSpelt Baby Bobo is filled with organic spelt husks making the Bobo  the most eco friendly baby nest available and we also try to do our bit to help look after Mother Earth.

Enjoy National Baby Day & cherish every moment you have with a baby.



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