Happy Baby :)

Aliona on her Bobo

Here is a review from one of our very first “testers”. I am delighted that the Bobo is enduring and being used by Baby no 2. Check out the pictures to see the girls!

Working in the birth and baby industry, I’m not one for gimmicky products. I don’t like unnecessary clutter and things that get used once and never again. Recently at a county show we were perusing the stalls when we came across MisSpelt and her Baby Bobo. Such a simple idea, cleverly executed and well designed –  I’d seen many baby “bean bags” on the market, but never had I wanted one until now!

The spelt filled base cleverly moulds to baby but also allows air to circulate freely meaning that the baby doesnt overheat quickly – an issue I’d seen with other products on the market.  The fabric spill-proof covers are easily removable and washable – another big tick!


I like that it’s a slim line design, and when our daughter was younger (and non-mobile!) we could put the Bobo on the table or on the kitchen island and she could lie there and watch what we were doing, she was perfectly safe held in the cosy Bobo by the padded spelt filled sides which form a cosy nest for baby to snuggle in.

It  is suitable from birth until, well any age really! We used it as a resting place, sleeping spot, changing mat(!), as our daughter grew we used it for tummy time allowing her to lean over the “puffy end” and letting her reach for toys , she’s used it as a cuddle cushion, a boat and hiding place! Our daughter is now 14 months old and still enjoys sitting in her Bobo to look through her picture books. It is still in incredible condition and it’s going to be passed on to our next baby due in June.

Great design, great product! Thank you!


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