Rosemary Jasper, pillow


Your product is fantastic. A very sceptical husband was convinced he would not be able to get a decent nights sleep on the pillow. However, he had to concede defeat this morning by telling me it’s the first time for months he hasn’t woken up with a very stiff shoulder.
Great product. First class quick delivery. Thank you.
On Friday (27/5/16) he informed me that it was the second night running where he had not woken up and had a restful sleep right through the night. In his words “I’d quiet forgotten what a proper nights sleep felt like” This from a sceptical man. It really can only be down to the spelt pillow. I haven’t changed anything else. We follow the same routine as usual. Only difference is the pillows.
Once again thank you. Great product. Getting great results.
Rosemary Jasper