Catrina Rusher, Pillows

Catrina Rusher

I recently purchased an orthopaedic pillow from you and I’d like to thank you for a product that has hugely improved my sleep quality and reduced my pain levels. I have multiple chronic illnesses causing severe pain including Lupus and Degenerative Spinal Disease. For at least 18 months before using the pillow I would wake in the early hours with neck and shoulder pain along with debilitating headaches and I was completely exhausted, which is why I decided to try your product. It took me a few nights to get used to the pillow, but I can honestly say that now I am used to it I won’t return to a “normal” pillow. I now have very little neck pain at night, and my shoulder pain is much less severe. I would also estimate that the number of waking headaches I suffer has currently halved. Whilst it won’t cure my conditions, my MisSpelt pillow has certainly contributed to a reduction in pain and a big improvement in sleep quality. I can adapt the shape of the pillow to suit the position I need to sleep in, and it is so comfortable. My dog Stanley is also very keen on it and I often find he has sneaked upstairs for a crafty snooze on it! Thanks for a great product, it has been a great relief to find something that helps me so much. Catrina x